The Best Riflescopes Made in the USA

A lot of riflescope manufacturers like to present themselves as ‘100% American’ or ‘all-American’ and when we hear these terms, the common assumption is that the riflescope manufacturing process is also fully based in the USA. However, with increasing restrictions on manufacturers and limited availability of parts, most riflescope manufacturers today like to take their process worldwide, either outsourcing production or buying different parts from different companies.

Europe was once a hot supplier for ‘American-made’ goods, especially Germany, and anyone will tell you that German or Swiss-made glass is top of the line. These days, however, they face stiff competition from manufacturers in Asian countries like China and Japan, whose optics quality even outpaces German glass for riflescopes rated at the same price range. Often, American companies including ZeroTech riflescopes require optics with very high specifications of precision that can be more easily sourced from a Chinese glass firm. And with glass, you can never hide; you see the results when looking through the scope, and you know the lens you are using is of a high quality irrespective of the country of origin.

So what does this mean for riflescope manufacturers? What is the true meaning of best riflescopes made in the USA? How do you guarantee that you receive a great quality riflescope made for American conditions, even with foreign parts? This article explains how.

‘Made’ vs. ‘Assembled’: What’s the Difference?

Though a riflescope may advertise itself as ‘made in the USA’, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that labels products in the US labels riflescopes differently depending on whether ‘all or virtually all’ parts of the product were made in the USA. So the actual label on your riflescope may vary between ‘made in USA’, ‘made in USA with parts from (certain country)’, ‘assembled in the USA’, or ‘manufactured in the USA’. These labels all differ based on the parts in the riflescope and the location where the assembly takes place.

These days, you’re more likely to find the label ‘assembled in the USA’ even on top-drawer riflescopes, since localizing the assembly process is a common way of cutting down on overall production costs without compromising on the quality that we deliver to you. Major US riflescope manufacturers like ZeroTech know that some of the best quality optics can be found overseas, but by having our riflescopes assembled in the USA, we ensure that we adhere to strict American standards and QA checks, creating weapons perfectly suited for the harsh backcountry conditions you will face at home.

All-American Vision in Front

If you want the hallmark of the best riflescopes made in the USA, you have to look at who’s in charge of the manufacturing process. Our founder, James Watkins, took his weathered experience from WWII together with his passion for adventuring and outdoor hunting to create an optics company founded on the American hunting experience. And even today, those values are at the forefront of ZeroTech riflescopes, making sure we have full control over all aspects of our products, testing them in harsh environments that seasoned American shooters know and experience, adhering completely to US quality control standards throughout.

Having your product made by shooters for shooters makes a huge difference. Whether it’s competitive shooting or backcountry hunting, we are an experienced team of American marksmen who would not design a product that we’d never use at home. Like many leading riflescope makers in the USA who outsource foreign parts, we ensure that we bring to you a robust, precise and accurate product which is an all-American design with the highest quality optics and engineering we can acquire. From reticle designs, turrets, and magnification adjustments, we’ve had inputs from skilled shooters around the country who know their environment well.

We know shooters, and we know our customers; we ensure you don’t get a ‘cheap’ product when it comes to the best riflescopes made in the USA including parts from overseas, with high quality construction made for the all-American shooter at competitive but affordable prices. With ZeroTech riflescopes, the quality is what you see through the lens, guaranteed.